Coding of a Concrete Animal

Coding of a concrete animal

This book chronicles the extraordinary life, exploits and adventures of Billy Michaels. Born into a family steeped in nefarious deeds and activity, Billy's fate was cast from the cradle, questioning whether it's genetics that provides a life pattern, or just fate. Billy learns the hard way that by fulfilling his bloodline's destiny, a life of crime and violence can get you where you want to be. Proving the fact that brain can beat brawn, schoolboy Billy falls in as a leader of the local gang, moving from demanding treats with menace from local vendors to running the neighbourhood drug trade. Billy, learning the tricks of his predestined trade from masters in the field, proves to be quite adept and effective in this endeavour. As his firm work their way up the criminal food chain, their futures appear to be nothing more than a litany of successful and profitable capers, events as they would have anticipated weren't exactly as they expected.

This is the story of Billy Michaels, his East End heritage and his love for his brothers and extended family. A family that becomes at odds with choices made and sides taken within the criminal world that serves to destroy the oaths and family ties made by love and blood. As all their unflinching attitudes to life and the acceptance of 'normality' which those on the outside may think immoral and destructive become common practise. This is the Billy Michaels story, the animal from the concrete jungle.

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