London Knights

PictureLondon Knights is the new company founded by Paul Knight, who’s previous credits include working with New Breed Productions, Evolved Pictures, Shotgun Productions, The Way Forward, AJC productions and Kool ‘n’ Deadly. Paul recounts his first feature, “I wanted to prove something to a friend that kept telling me what was needed to make a film. I said you just need a story, a camera and a handful of people to say the lines written. No Hollywood budgets, no big names, no trailers and exotic locations, just desire and determination. 3 weeks later we were in production with our first feature, Thugs, Mugs and Violence.” Although the principal was correct, the reality was a little more complicated. “It was an expensive lesson on what not to do, but a lot quicker than spending 4 years at film school just to make a 10 minute short. We all took the continued hits to the chin in our stride and this in return gave us a good reputation even on the worse days of that film, no one can say we didn’t give it our all on that shoot and in return the cast and crew matched our input 100%”

This is a value that Paul adopts in all his ventures and brings that same philosophy to this company. “I’ve learned the hard way what the worth of another person’s word is in this industry, so knew it was time to go it alone… I now have no one to blame for the failures but myself but the flip side is I don’t have someone else taking the credit on the times I get it right”. Paul has made sure to bring the best and brightest with him on this next step.

The Team

There’s no ‘I’ in team and that rings true with the multi skilled crew we are blessed to have at hand to help produce all that we do. Even the smallest of input can have the biggest impact on what we do so with people like these on the team, we can do no wrong.

Each project we undertake brings with it a host of people we rely on, too many to name but they have our thanks and gratitude all the same. As we get bigger, we hope to see these great people branch out and handle their own projects under the London Knights banner.


Here is a brief breakdown of some of those people:

Dave Kool Wiltshire: Dave is a very motivated young man, whose enthusiasm has allowed him to excel with the tasks at hand. Dave’s skill’s range from audio tech to second unit AD, from actor to key grip, from casting rep to networker. Dave has proven to be invaluable and we are very pleased to have Dave involved with us.

Andre Samson: Andre understands the construction of a good script and how to portray that on screen. He is excellent on set giving coaching sessions and ideas to others to enhance their performance whilst learning all that he can from behind the scenes.

Mel Mills: Another professional both in front and behind the camera. Mel has a history of performances to his credit and is tipped for even bigger and better things. Official site

Diane Knight: Diane is our graphic designer and on-hand catering manager, she is the support system on those hectic days as she keeps us all grounded and focused on the task at hand. Official site

On top of our own in-house team, we also partner with several other like-minded companies including:

Shooting Stars Uniforms - Founded by Kris Sommerville, SSU is one of the industries main suppliers of emergency services props and uniforms as well as a fully-fledged Police consultant to add realism to the production.

Kiss and Make-Up – Zowie Vince, our regular make-up artist, goes above and beyond on ensuring that the cast is camera ready when the Director shouts ‘Action’.