Why Invest in Film

Film investment is demonstrably uncorrelated to the equity, property or bond markets and is proving to be very resilient even during these very challenging times.

Film investment has the potential for significant upside.

Our expert management team will employ risk management techniques to minimise downside potential.



A film does not have to be a box office success in order for an investor to make money – sound financial structuring and tax efficiencies can make a significant difference.



Film Tax credit

When making a film, a Producer can claim a tax credit in the country where filming takes place. This can be worth up to 25% of the film’s budget in the UK and up to 40% in other territories, but is only payable after completion of the film.




Pre-Sales are the process of selling a film to local distributors in various territories before the film is produced. It forms an important part of the funding of a film, giving the Producer much needed finance in order to complete filming.



Streaming on internet enabled televisions, iPads, PlayStations and Xboxes, mean that films are reaching more people than ever before - today's empowered consumer has unprecedented choice of content and media formats.

Last year global box office revenues were up 6% on 2011 - reaching a record high of $34.7 billion. Source: MPAA March 2013



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